The M Machine's Swardy Releases Debut Solo EP "Here On MY Own" On Mat Zo's Mad Zoo Label

There are plenty of artists out there right now trying to find their rightful spot amongst all this exceedingly middle-of-the-road music, but some have been biding their time for just the right moment to emerge and have succeeded all the more for it. One such artist is Swardy, one half of the popular duo The M Machine.

The M Machine have already served as an influence and inspiration to many over the years, mostly due to their two-part EP series Metropolis. But upon setting out on a solo EP, Swardy took many of the sounds and influences from The M Machine and worked them into his own brilliant sound. Half Pogo, half something else magical, Swardy’s debut EP Here On My Own, out Mat Zo’s Mad Zoo, is a journey like no other.

Part of the brilliance of Here On My Own is that it’s just so damn easy to listen to. The rhythms never come as a surprise or outlandish sound design adventure, yet everything still sounds so beautifully put together and whimsical making it an absolute pleasure, as well.

If I had one criticism of the EP, it’s that I wish it was a full album. For now, the repeat button will do. Listen to Here On My Own below.