The Music Video For FG Figueroa’s “Odio” Is The Most Satisfying Aspect Of 2020

When a music video transcends you to a certain emotion and desire, it has definitely managed to achieve its creative purpose. Florida-based Puerto Rican urban singer and songwriter FG Figueroa’s new release “Odio” has visuals that make you dream of new trips and new destinations. Even in the worst moments, remembering the music video helps to see that beauty still exists. 

The inspiring visuals directed by talented creators of Flowercop show the utmost beauty of Florida and its architecture. The color blue is dominant in the whole video. The open sky and ocean satisfy the mind, and the last scene of FG Figueroa looking into the sky, wearing white, and all his background in blue has a very calming effect on the viewer. Sometimes it even feels like you can feel the wind from the screen. 

To create an atmospheric environment and get a professional sound design is not easy. Thus, the artist collaborated with producers C.O.D.A. and Jose Azcona to get the result he would be proud of. After listening to the track and watching the visuals, it is safe to claim the project succeeded.