The Rumored iPhone X Plus' Screen Size Could Grow To 6.3 Inches

If you thought Apple’s premium-level smartphone from last year, the iPhone X, was a big deal, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

According to a report from 9To5Mac, Apple is planning on dropping a follow-up to the wildly successful device at some point this year, with improvements coming to key areas the stware’s interface and an even larger screen on the horizon as well.

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As per the write-up, the tech giant “will continue to improve Face ID technology, screen to body ratio, etc., moreover, the company plans to increase the memory content and embed AMOLED display in two its models.” That idea screen to body ratio is key here, with rumblings a boost in size building since before Christmas 2017. Though older intel described the shift as one that would go from a 5.8 inches display (which is what the current iPhone X has) to a significantly larger 6.1 inches display, Forbes is now saying that the rumored iPhone X Plus’ screen size could swell up to 6.2 inches or 6.3 inches.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone SE might also be in line for a screen size increase as a part an overall tinkering plan, but the focus really is on the iPhone X and being able to bring a next generation model to market as soon as possible, in order to capitalize on the device’s popularity.

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What say you – is the iPhone X (or iPhones in general) in need a bigger screen? Or would increasing the size to almost 6.5 inches be a little on the unwieldy side? Let your voice be heard in the comments section.