There’s a film about a murderous “meth gator” coming out

Parody film distributor The Asylum has announced a forthcoming film called Attack Of The Meth Gator.

Riffing off the recent controversy of Elizabeth Banks’ gonzo comedy Cocaine Bear, a new animal attack film has been teased.

“Hold our bear… I mean, beer,” The Asylum tweeted, sharing what could be the film’s potential poster, although no details have been confirmed. “Coming for your life this summer.”


Responding to sceptics on Twitter, The Asylum said: “We’re pumping the meth into Floridas fresh water reserves as we speak!”

In a three-star review of Cocaine Bear, NME wrote: “You can have a lot of fun with Cocaine Bear, mostly because of how bonkers it is. Things happen that would just not be allowed in other films, like when the kids (who are 12 years old) nervously sample from a fat brick of gak.”

Meanwhile, a companion video game for the film was released just before the film came out.

Cocaine Bear: The Rise of Pablo Escobear sees players take control of a cocaine-fulled bear, who’s out to cause chaos in a series of Pac-Man-inspired mazes.

The rules of The Rise of Pablo Escobear are simple enough – eat as many people as you can and, because cocaine “keeps you going”, don’t run out.


Players do have to “watch out for the three drug deals [because] they will steal your bags” while bonus points are available for catching ambulances and red bags give you super speed.