There's A Freaking Music Festival At Chernobyl?!

Many people still view Chernobyl as a dangerous place. The name itself has become a byword for any kind of nuclear disaster, after all. But even as far back as 2009, tours were being offered through the non-restricted areas of Chernobyl, in which even a one month stay wouldn’t adversely affect human health.

Thus, all things considered, it’s not all that surprising to learn that a music festival has made itself at home at Chernobyl and the nearby Kiev. Chernobyling returns for its second year, organized by Dominik Orfanus, founder of, which also organizes guided tours in Chernobyl.

“Tourists wanted to know about the life of a worker in Chernobyl, and workers about what is interesting for tourists in an over-30-year abandoned area,” said Dominik. “A festival seemed to be the best way to make this happen, and help the zone at the same time,” he added.

While this may seem like some fake news article, it is in fact very real. Chernobyling will host DJs, street art demonstrations, fire shows, geocaching challenges and more than 15 rock, metal and electronic bands – including one from the Chernobyl zone.

Perhaps best of all, proceeds from Chernobyling go to residents of Slavutych, a town purpose-built to house nuclear power plant workers and their families, and to the ‘Chernobyl babushkas.’

Chernobyling goes from August 31-September 2. For more information, head to their website here.