There’s Another Fortnite Music Activation That Just Popped Up ?

Marshmello’s concert within Fortnite will most likely be regarded again on as a watershed second within the advertising and marketing world for music. Following the occasion, Marshmello skilled a large enhance in engagement, views, and performs throughout social media and streaming platforms, proving devoted fanbase is a really highly effective software.

Now, the subsequent musical group to attempt to capitalize on the ability of Fortnite is Weezer.

The alt-rock band now has its personal island inside Creation mode within the recreation, and it’s not only for present. Players who go to the island will be capable to hear Weezer’s upcoming self-titled album, generally known as The Black Album, earlier than it’s obtainable to the general public.

The new Weezer album drops tomorrow, March 1. It’s unclear if Weezer World will exist past the album’s launch. What is evident, nonetheless, is that this undoubtedly isn’t the final time we’ll see musicians making an attempt to get in on Fortnite’s large userbase.