This Spotify Playlist “The Worst Playlist To Have Sex To” Is Actual Comedic Gold 😂

You get home after a night out with a date, you pour a couple glasses of wine, you put on your sexiest playlist on Spotify, you sit down on the couch and start talking and things start to get… physical. Maybe you’re hoping it leads back to the bedroom, or maybe you want to take it slow. No matter what your intent is, nothing will stop your date in their tracks faster than this playlist.

Aptly titled “the worst songs to have sex to,” this 112-track playlist (and growing) features a collection of songs that will dry up or shrivel even the strongest libido.

Imagine it — you’re getting into the mood, you’re both feelin’ it, you grab some protection and lay your partner down and say, “One sec, let me set the mood.”

And “Cotton Eye Joe” comes on. Mood. Killer.

That being said, if you feel like challenging yourself and your partner, there’s no better playlist to abuse. Maybe start with the Law and Order theme song, or “Fruit Salad” by The Wiggles. Although, “Dolphin On Wheels” by Kill The Noise & Dillon Francis could actually be a lot of fun.