This Week’s Top Drop: Gill Stackz – “The Process”

D.C native, rapper and songwriter Gill $tackz is beginning this new decade with a confident and even dominating mindset. After kick starting his career in Hip-Hop with the release of his debut joint titled “Ballin,” he is now already dropping his third track of the year, titled “The Process.” This grandiose release sees $tackz deliver his best rap so far, flexing his rap muscle to an inimaginable extent, and taking fans by surprise regarding the quality and depth of the lyrics and messages he shares. Gill is a deep-thinker, someone who doesn’t have anytime to waste on trivial stuff, and someone who would rather spend his time understanding life, psychology, politics, social and innovative concepts. All of these qualities are behind the birth of this latest track, “The Process,” a soon-to-be-classic song for everyone looking for some meaning in their lives. If you haven’t yet, check-out our top drop of the month below: