Top Streetwear Shops in Canada

A new wave retailers are setting the stage for the Canadian fashion industry – creating a perfect playground for burgeoning designers and luxury labels alike. It could be the influence SSENSE’s steady domination the luxury e-comm world or Shopify’s headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario. Either way, Canadians have been making strides in the fashion world with the vast growth and expansion shops and across the country. The days paying for clothes and footwear in foreign currency are over – no more duties or international shipping fees.

From coast-to-coast, there are the old heads like NRML, who have been selling sneakers to the nation’s capital since 1997 or Vancouver’s Anti-Social skate shop, which Bobby Hundreds stated as one his favorite skate shops in the world. There’s veteran luxury retailer Nomad, located in the heart Toronto or Montreal’s staple shop Off The Hook. If Paris Fashion Week taught us anything it’s that the conversation around fashion is changing. The list international brands and compelling retail concepts is vast-growing as the fashion industry shifts into a state experimental streetwear and embraces e-commerce.

For our great neighbors up North, below are the top 10 shops, in-store and online, for you to find all the latest apparel and sneakers across Canada.