Trippie Redd Unfazed By Missing Out On Drake's "God's Plan"

Sometimes life hands you lemons and you make lemonade. Other times the lemon hits you in the face and citric acid blinds you like young Daredevil. It’s the way you react to the latter scenarios that come to define you. In Trippie Red’s case, he seems to understand the mystery life’s ups and downs. While one might blame themselves for a botched deadline, others might reason that it simply wasn’t “God’s Plan.” For those who aren’t in the know, Quality Control’s newest addition Trippie Redd was originally supposed to appear on Drake’s record-breaking single “God’s Plan.” 

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While the collaboration had been long rumored, the song eventually surfaced sans Trippie, leading his legions fans to wonder what went wrong. Last month, it was revealed that Trippie had actually missed the deadline after failing to finish his verse in time. The sting missing out on a Drizzy collaboration that nature might have crippled an artist with low mental fortitude, but luckily, Trippie Redd seems to have a capable head on his shoulders. He might need to grab one those personal planners though. Time management skills looking dubious. 

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One Twitter user actually hit up Trippie, essentially trying to rub salt in the wound. However, Trippie was not fazed by the missed opportunity; he’s clearly stacking the win column, and while Drake’s ubiquity is nigh unparalleled, Trippie’s loyal fanbase is no laughing matter. In short, he’ll be alright.