Turk NY Has New Songs Out “Only A Millie’” and “Meddling”

After the release of his album Composure, Turk NY is creating quite a name for himself in the industry. The rapper from Queens, New York, has been releasing hit singles and creating memories. His latest projects include two singles, “Only A Millie’” and “Meddling,”  which are quickly growing to be a staple across many playlists. Although both tracks offer a different feel and mood, Turk NY’s undeniable charisma and rap talents are visible through the two.  

“Only A Millie’” and “Meddling” are audibly distinct tracks showing assorted hues and the artist’s multi-faceted capabilities. The captivating song “Only A Millie’” is close to heart, as the rapper talks about the road to success packed with determination. The track also features an interesting music video that takes his words and transforms them into action. The second track titled “Meddling” is for a more upbeat crowd, as he generously spits relatable lyrics spread across memorable tunes. While the two pack a rather different approach to the genre, their after-effect remains the same.

Turn NY, also known as Will Bentè, is distinguished for his melodic rap songs, which easily become radio-ready hits.