TWICE take over the world in ‘Set Me Free’ music video

TWICE have released the music video for their new single ‘Set Me Free’, from their mini-album ‘Ready To Be’.

The explosive music video alternates between two sets: a desolate planet in outer space where they perform the song’s choreography and a soundstage designed to look like a small town. “I want all eyes on me / And when we touch, everyone can see / Yeah, come and set me, set me free,” the girl group sing on the chorus.

‘Set Me Free’ is the title track of their new mini-album ‘Ready To Be’. The project also includes their second English single ‘Moonlight Sunrise’, as well as an English version of ‘Set Me Free’. Other notably songs on the release are ‘Blame It On Me’ and ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, both of which were penned by rapper Dahyun.


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‘Ready To Be’ comes about eight months after the release of TWICE’s last mini-album ‘Between 1&2’, which the group released after renewing their contracts with agency JYP Entertainment earlier in 2022.

Following the release of ‘Ready To Be’, TWICE will debut their first-ever subunit comprising Japanese members Sana, Momo and Mina. Dubbed MISAMO, the trio will release their first original Japanese mini-album on July 26.

In other TWICE news, the girl group recently launched their own virtual world in the gaming platform Roblox. Dubbed TWICE Square, the space features feature mini-games, digital clothing, emotes and more for to trade and collect. In addition, the girl group also have plans to update TWICE Square throughout the year, as well as make virtual visits.