Two of Bass Music's Rising Stars Were Just Hacked, Music Stolen

A producer’s worst nightmare: having their music stolen. It’s an idea bad enough to shake a producer to their core, and unfortunately two dubstep producers were victims of theft this weekend. Megalodon and Subtronics were both hacked and had unreleased music stolen, with other potential victims looped in as well.

Megalodon tweeted yesterday, revealing someone had hacked into his SoundCloud account and stole all of his unreleased music. To make matters worse, the thief uploaded the the unreleased tracks to his own SoundCloud account. The cherry on top? The thief DM’d Megalodon’s SoundCloud friends, asking them to follow his account… while still hacked into Megalodon’s account. Seriously? Oh, and the thief hacked into Megalodon’s bank account as well.

Megalodon said most of the stolen music was included in his recent Shark Week mix uploaded last month, but this marks a huge, illegal invasion of privacy regardless. Megalodon also tweeted some of his producer friends have been hacked by the same thief. The other big victim is Subtronics, who went on a lengthy Twitter posting spree about his unreleased music being stolen and warning YOOKiE to be safe.

Spag Heddy reached out to Megalodon saying he thought Megalodon asking for SoundCloud followers for another, smaller account was weird. While Megalodon says he can’t see who his hacker messaged, it appears the hacker messaged Spag Heddy and other friends on his SoundCloud account. Artists like SVDDEN DEATH reached out to Megalodon to offer their support.

We hope this hacker/thief are brought to justice soon, and all of Megalodon and Subtronic’s unreleased music and information are returned safely.