TwoCeez Released Inviting Visuals For His New Single “In Ya Face”

In his brand new music video for his latest Hip-Hop single “In Ya Face,” the North-Las Vegas-based lyricist and rapper TwoCeez shows his respectful attitude and devotion towards the representatives of the splendid gender.

Showcasing his vivid creativity and undeniable charisma, TwoCeez’s new music video “In Ya Face” is a regular offering that shows that the rapper has found a way to craft songs that will deeply resonate, continuing to get listeners to press the play button over and over again. Thanks to his vivid imagination he adds some of that  R’n’B vibes and mixes them with the Hip-Hop project. Following his previous release “One Of A Kind” with its all- gangsta mood, “In Ya Face” is focusing on his female part of the fans, showing his special attitude to a woman while perfectly preserving his unique street sound.