Ultra Attendee Fined $10,000 for Stomping on Police Officer's Foot

A man who attended Ultra Singapore in 2016 has just been fined $10,000 for an incident that took place at the time the festival. According to , plainclothes ficer Sergeant Alex Zhang Zhengyang was seated on a concrete block observing foot traffic when Wayne Liang, a former Chinese citizen currently living in Australia, unceremoniously shoved him f.

When Zhang confronted Liang, it was clear that the fending party was heavily intoxicated. Zhang identified himself to Liang as a police ficer, to which Liang replied, “So what,” and stomped on the ficer’s foot. Liang was summarily arrested.

The prosecution at trial attempted to ask for Liang to be placed in jail for at least four weeks, but District Judge Kessler Soh rejected the motion. Due to Liang’s blood alcohol level 143mg/100ml, his lawyer said “there should be no dispute that Liang’s] judgement and memory were impaired at the material time.”

Liang originally intended to fight the charge, but ended up pleading guilty on August 7, ahead his trial. He was fined $10,000 this morning, January 4.

Moral the story: just don’t be a bad person. The people you affect could be cops.