Valve officially reveals ‘Counter-Strike 2’

After weeks of leaks, teases and speculation, Valve has finally announced Counter-Strike 2

It’s a complicated proposition. Counter-Strike 2 appears to be not a new game. All evidence points towards it being an engine upgrade for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, that will bring the 2012 shooter up to the modern day. It’s not the first game to get an upgrade to Valve’s Source 2 engine, Dota 2 had the same upgrade back in 2015. This will be a free upgrade for players that already own Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Announcing the change, Valve said that Counter-Strike 2 will actually involve an “overhaul to every system, every piece of content and every part of the C-S experience.” with an accompanying video that shows changes to the way smoke grenades will work moving forwards.


In the video, it’s revealed that smoke grenades are now dynamic, providing volumetric 3D objects rather than the previous smoke effect. This 3D smoke will react with the environment and can be blown away by grenades and gunfire, but also it will grow to fill spaces and should look better as it can be impacted by light and other in-game effects. Most importantly, because it’s an object in the game world and not an effect everyone will see the same smoke, which should deal with an enduring complaint from Counter-Strike players.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has remained popular since it was launched in 2012, but recent titles like Valorant have caught the attention of the community as players look for what’s next and what’s new.

Other huge changes include sub-tick updates, meaning that tick-rate is now irrelevant for moving, shooting and throwing. This is a huge change for Counter-Strike veterans and should make play feel much smoother.

A video posted to Valve’s Youtube account has highlighted the way maps are going to be changed. This basically will include three maps: Touchstone, Upgrade and Overhaul maps. Touchstone maps should feel exactly the same with changes only to lighting. Upgrade maps are getting new rendering but should feel familiar, with Overhaul maps are some of the franchise’s oldest maps and will be getting a full rebuild and new look.

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 The Counter-Strike 2 information page suggests a limited test will be live in the summer.

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