Walmart Shares Top Selling Items In Every State: BBQ Sauce, Cheerios & More

Walmart is without a doubt one the top retailers in the United States. With its Superstore name and prices, you can have your car fixed while shopping for a new dinner table and toaster.

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If you’ve ever wanted to skip out on a visit to your nearest location and opted to order online, has tracked your purchase – along with the ones in its 4,700 U.S. stores – to see what trends run in its customer’s spending habits. Business Insider has revealed a list the most random, most bizarre items that are the top selling items in each state. 

Ohio’s got a thing for grape flavoured drink mix, Florida favours sparkling cider, Wyoming likes to dress in flannel shirts, District Columbia loves its Great Value French Fried Onions and Californians can’t get enough protein powder. There are even more random things like Kentucky and the very specific 4×6 photo prints or Michigan’s lavender scented cleaning products. 

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Check out the full list below and tell us what you think.