Wankie Steals The Spotlight With Full-Album Hood Chronicles

Louisiana based Hip-Hop artist Wankie has mandated herself with a mission to empower those who have a similar trajectory in life as she did, those living in dangerous zones, poor suburbs, and underserved communities. She was raised in some of Shreveport, LA’s toughest neighborhoods, and she skillfully translates her experiences growing up in her latest full-album entitled Hood Chronicles

This talented soul pours her inspirations, visions, and experiences all over Hood Chronichles’s seven tracks, each exposing Wankie’s different artistic facets in one coherent collection of joints. 

Listeners who aren’t familiar with Wankie should also check-out All Else Fails, her previous album in which she also displays her immense skills and empowering messages. Seems like Wankie is going to be stealing the spotlight in 2020.