Watch Jimin perform an acoustic version of ‘Like Crazy’ on ‘LeeMujin Service’

BTSJimin has unveiled a live acoustic performance of his latest solo single ‘Like Crazy (English Version)’.

On April 1, LeeMujin Service — a talk and music show hosted by singer Lee Mu-jin — released its special April Fools’ episode featuring BTS’ Jimin as a guest. During the episode, Jimin introduced his debut solo record ‘Face’ and shared a live performance of its title track ‘Like Crazy’.

For his performance, the BTS singer opted to sing the English version of the new single, accompanied by an acoustic backing track. “I’ve been watching LeeMujin Service, and many people sang with acoustic vibes. [So] I arranged it,” he told Lee.


I’d rather be lost in the lights, lost in the lights / I’m outta my mind, can you help me numb the pain? / Each night, you spin me up high / Emotions on ice, let me have a taste,” Jimin sings in the chorus.

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During the interview portion of the episode, Jimin was asked to discuss the differences between BTS’ and his own solo music. “Saying that there is no relation and is completely different… I think it would be hard to see it like that,” he answered.

“Besides the fact that I am fully expressing what I want to do, I am not sure if there is a big difference. If you listen to [‘Face’], you can absolutely feel that it was influenced by BTS,” said Jimin.

Later, Jimin and Lee discussed their personal favourite BTS tracks, with the former expressing his fondness for their 2016 track ‘Epilogue: Young Forever’, adding that the song had given him strength during challenging times.

Meanwhile, Lee shared that his favourite song was ‘Butterfly’ from their 2015 mini-album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2’. He then went on to perform a stripped-down cover of the track.


In March, Jimin released two of his older solo songs, ‘Promise’ and ‘Christmas Love’, on major streaming services for the first time. The tracks were originally only available to stream on SoundCloud or YouTube.