Watch Punkband’s video for wild new single ‘Abcabcabcabcabc’

Punkband are back with a wild new single called ‘Abcabcabcabcabc’ – you can listen to it below.

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The latest offering from the London two-piece (made up of Toby Ergatoudis and Alex Cook) is a frantic Friday night anthem that follows the release of early tracks ‘Kick It Up’ and ‘Businessman’.

Accompanied by a set of visuals, the amusing video features a plethora of high profile names such as Charlie Sheen, Rodney Trotter and Rebecca Black (albeit in flashcard form).


Watch the video for ‘Abcabcabcabcabc’ below:

Punkband, who were born out of sheer “boredom with the state of music at the moment”, are on a mission to “be the biggest band ever”. According to a press release, if that fails the band will “just go back to working in Tesco”.

“No one’s got any spirit these days,” said Punkband frontman Ergatoudis. “There just aren’t enough people who don’t give a fuck about anything anymore. There’s too much politics behind music now.

“We want to say put down your phone – it’s much more fun when you don’t take shit so seriously.”

Earlier this month, Halsey expressed her desire to release a punk-rock album at some point in the future.


The pop star, whose latest full-length ‘Manic’ arrived back in January, was speaking to Vogue when she was asked whether her recent team-ups with Bring Me The Horizon and Machine Gun Kelly had inspired her to write her own punk-rock record.

Meanwhile, New Zealand noise-punk trio Die! Die! Die! have shared a new video for their recently-released single ‘450’.