Watch Static Dress’ video for explosive new single ‘Di-sinTer’

Static Dress have released their new single ‘Di-sinTer’, which features vocalist and producer King Yosef – watch below.

The Leeds band return following last year’s debut project ‘Prologue…’, which followed a stream of singles including 2019’s debut ‘Clean‘ and second single ‘Adaptive Taste‘.

‘Di-sinTer’ is a ferocious and hook-driven track, with the band’s vocals and instrumentation as raucous as ever. The accompanying video is similarly chaotic, with an ominous figure seen lurking as Static Dress perform through a grainy and fuzzy TV frame.


Frontman Olli Appleyard told DIY in November last year: “I never want anything to be the easy way, or the conventional way of doing things.”

He continued: “I wanna constantly strive to do something new and, going forward with projects, I want to be able to drive it forward without taking inspiration from [any other] things. Right now, people are making music to be ear candy, and it’s given to you on a plate; every week music is becoming more and more disposable. But I think if I can create a social campaign where I can make a song or video last longer than the three minutes that it exists in your ears or in your eyes, then that’s success to me.”

In December 2020, Static Dress opened for Creeper on their UK headline tour alongside Holding Absence and Wargasm.

The band are due to play Upsurge Festival at London’s New Cross Inn on January 14. Tickets are available here.