Wolf Alice explain the story behind the title of new album ‘Blue Weekend’

Wolf Alice have explained the story behind the title of their upcoming third album ‘Blue Weekend’.

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The album, which follows the band’s Mercury Prize-winning second album, ‘Visions Of A Life’, comes out in June via Dirty Hit and was announced last month with the release of first track ‘The Last Man On Earth’.

In a new interview with NME the band opened up on how the album’s title came to be and how they road-tested the record’s material in their own unique way.


During the interview they revealed that the title for the new album came from a cab journey in Belgium where they were recording the album. Vocalist/guitarist Ellie Rowsell suggested to drummer Joel Amey that the band should head to a nearby forest for a day out “on the next blue weekend”.

“Blue is a nice colour, but it also means sad,” Rowsell told NME of the title. “And I often think the weekend is so fun, but lots of drama takes place then so sometimes it’s the catalyst for your downfall.”

Wolf Alice
Wolf Alice CREDIT: Jordan Hemingway/Press

Bassist Theo Ellis also revealed that the band tested their new material by playing it over the top of muted film and TV trailers, explaining: “It’s like a litmus test to see if the emotion of the song works.”

Elsewhere in the NME interview, the band spoke out on what needs to be done to ensure that #MeToo is “not just a hashtag” after Rowsell was faced with “a lot of trolls” after she accused Marilyn Manson of filming up her skirt without her consent when they met at a festival.

Discussing what needs to be done in order to move things forward, guitarist Joff Oddie said: “I think stuff like #MeToo’s fantastic as a catalyst and a talking point, but now we need to work out how we shift those cultural norms to make sure that the message is translated to everyone, not just the people who have Twitter accounts and lots of followers.”


Wolf Alice gave new single ‘The Last Man On Earth’ its live debut this month with a stunning performance on Later… with Jools Holland. NME called the comeback single “a majestic change of pace from Britain’s best band” in a five-star review.

‘Blue Weekend’ is released on June 11 via Dirty Hit.