Ye Torii Unveils Her Latest Work “No Friends”

Hailing from California, Ye Torii unveiled her latest work “No Friend,” a sick R&B track to vibe with. On the track, Ye Torii shows her silky flow and carefree attitude, and as she doesn’t care about her squeaky-clean image, she is fierce and fearless. 

“No Friend” is a tribute to old school R&B, and the LA-based singer was surely inspired by the classic sounds, but she took turns to the new wave and added elements of EDM and trap to it. 

The tiny sparkle of electro spices up the overall sound of her new track, and while Ye Torii puts her hands on the beat that jumps out, the audience receives a danceable production. Ye Torii seamlessly waves between rapping, and singing, and “No Friend” is all clicking in her unique style.