Your EDM Premiere: HOODERS Drops Electrifying House EP, 'The Mob' [Confession]

Tchami’s Confession label is one of the most elite labels in the business. They always seem to curate music that’s fresh and have an impressive roster. This time, Belgian duo HOODERS is returning to the label with their two-track EP, The Mob. This serves as HOODERS’s second, and hottest, release on CONFESSION this year.

The Mob EP is comprised of two electrifying tracks, combining influences of hip-hop and sampling, held together by grimy basslines. “COPS” makes use of a catchy vocal sample with a signature tech house drive. Adding yet another addictive vocal sample in the second tune, “ACT UP,” HOODERS work the sample around an infectious groove that is will set off any dance floor.

Stream ‘The Mob’ EP by HOODERS below!